1. What is the Affiliate4Web Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate4Web dating sites have been known for 10 years as the premiere online international dating and matchmaking service. We provide our members with a safe and secure environment to communicate with each other in order to initiate their relationships. Through Affiliate4Web Affiliate program we encourage you to promote our offers for the following websites: Dream-Marriage.com, Asian-girls-online.com, eRomance.com, LatinGirlsNetwork.com and DreamRussianWoman. (Contact your Affiliate Manager if you would like approval on any of these offers).
2. How does the Affiliate4Web Affiliate Program work?

When you join the Affiliate4Web Dating Affiliate Program and your application is approved, you will have access to a range of banners, text links and other creatives that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links to and is referred to the offer landing page, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. For every unique sign up, your account will be credited with a lead ($7 commission).
3. What kind of websites do you accept to become affiliates?

There is no one kind of website that we automatically approve or disapprove (some of our affiliates don’t have websites at all and instead depend on email marketing). We do not restrict access to our Affiliate Program to anyone, except websites whose content conflicts with Morality Standards, Human Rights Law or Copyright (see Agreement). We reserve the right to approve or reject any application at our discretion.

We are interested in working with only the best affiliates and put each application through a multistage approval process. Our affiliate approval team will review your affiliate application and notify you via email of the status of your application within 24 business hours.
4. Why was my affiliate application denied? Can I re-apply?

According to our program Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to deny participation for any reason. The most common reasons for denial are:

Incomplete/Incorrect information on application
Promotion Methods are not suitable with our offers
Duplicate information related to previous applications

If your application has been denied, you may re-apply by contacting Customer Support and explaining why you think your application has been wrongfully denied.
5. What types of creatives are available?

As an affiliate you will have access to a number of interactive advertising tools for our dating offers, including: buttons and banners, text links and landing pages. Our creatives are updated on a regular basis to reflect seasonal and other special promotions.
6. Can I advertise using my own banners/text links/landing pages?

No. For your convenience we have created dozens of highly convertible banners and landing pages, so you can launch your campaign right away. Promoting our offers using third party banners can complicate the integrity of your tracking links, therefore it's not recommended. However, if you feel strongly about using your own creative, please contact Customer Support for further review and approval of your creative (Please note, using a third party banner without prior approval is grounds for program termination and the voiding of all leads and commissions).
7. What kind of payment model do you offer?

Affiliate4Web operates on a PPL (Pay-per-Lead) model. In other words, you earn a flat rate ($5) for each valid member who fills out a free registration form.
8. Which payment methods do you offer?

Our partners come from different countries with different financial systems. We want our payment system to be convenient for our partners regardless of where they are from. We offer our partners the following payment methods:

PayPal ($100 payout minimum and we pay fees)
Wire Transfer (Must have more than $500 commission payments, cost to affiliate $45)

If none of these options suit our affiliate Partner, there is a possibility to discuss an individual payment method. Any commission for money transfer is the responsibility of the partner.
9. When will I receive my payment?

Payouts are made on a NET 30 basis. All valid leads will be paid by the 7th business day of the following month. I.E. all leads earned in April, 2014 will be paid by the 7th business day of May, 2014
10. How do you define a valid lead?

A typical user flow is:

Ad click->Landing Page->Fills out the 5 field form->Clicks "Submit"->Pixel fires

A lead is earned when a qualified visitor (according to website needs) completes the registration form and sign-up process. We do not believe that scrubbing the leads is a great business practice, however, we use a third party e-mail verification service and this may show as a reduced revenue amount for the badly targeted campaigns.
11. Is it possible to receive commission if my current balance is less than $100?

Unfortunately you will have to wait until your balance reaches $100 to receive your commission payment.
12. Do I have to withdraw my commission from my account every month?

No. We guarantee the safety of the money on your account. If you prefer you may wait until your commission reaches a higher threshold before collecting. Contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.
13. Do I need to send in a W-9 form in order to get paid?

Once you have earned at least $600, there will be a temporarily hold placed on your account and you will not be able to receive payments until you complete and submit a W-9 form.
14. Do I receive a commission only if my referral registers on an Affiliate4Web.com website on their first visit?

No. Our program utilizes a 45 day tracking cookie. For example, if your referral does not register for membership on their first visit and returns to Dream-marriage.com 37 days later, he will still be recorded in the system as your referral and tracked for automatic commission payment.
15. What is the difference between All Leads and Qualified Leads?

When your application is approved you will receive a detailed offer description which contains information about the offer, promotion methods accepted and traffic restrictions. All leads generated must comply with the requirements in order to be found valid.

All Leads are a number of times the Sign Up form has been filed out. Qualified leads are the leads that are found compliant with our traffic requirements and generate a commission to your account. The difference between All Leads and Qualified leads are the leads found non-compliant and therefore do not generate a lead commission.

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact us.
16. Who should I be targeting for Signups?

We strongly suggest targeting males 30 to 60+. These are the users that convert the best for our offers and will promise the highest conversions (and commissions) for you.